Current Value (As at 31st July 2018) = £174,203 including cash
Target for 8th November 2018 = £183,474 (see Projected Growht page)
Value of SIPP at commencement of this blog on 1st August 2012 = £51,684.02.
Monthly contributions since commencement of blog = 36mths @ £300 plus 34 months @ £750 = £36,300
Capital Growth is £174,203 less (£51,684+£36,300) = £86,219

Thursday, 8 November 2018

SIPP Porgtfolio as at 1st November 2018

October 2018 has been the worst month on record for my SIPP since I started managing it for myself in August 2012.  It has been so bad that it has taken me over a week to get my head around what's happened to be able to write this blog..

Current holdings in the SIPP (valies as on the morning of 1st November)
British Aerospace (BA.) holding now = nil : SOLD
Blackrock Smaller Co IT (BRSC) holding now = 1200 (n/c); Value = £15,600
BP (BP.) Bought 785 shares; holding now = 3850; Value = £21,860 
FDM Group (FDM) Dividend 11 shares; holding now = 866; Value = £7,395
GB Group (GBG) Bought 383 shares; holding now = 2941; Value = £15,058 
Genus (GNS) holding now = nil : SOLD
GVC Holdings (GVC) Bought 390 shares; holding now = 1780; Value = £16,794
HG Capital Trust IT (HGT) holding now = 840 (n/c); Value = £16,464
Homeserve (HSV) holding now = 1526 (n/c); Value = £14,527
Keywords Studios (KWS) Bought 481 shares; holding now = 1260; Value = £17,338
Legal & General (LGEN) Dividend 118 shares; holding now = 6618; Value = £16,631 
Safecharge Group (SCH) holding now = nil : SOLD
Segro PLC (SGRO) Dividend 23 shares; holding now = 2623; Value = £16,131

Cash: holding now = £813
Portfolio Value = £158,613 (was £171,247)  DOWN £13,384 (including £750 monthly contribution) or 7.78%

All the major transactions in the period took place after the major market moves down, as I started the position the portfolio into what I hoped to be a recovery mode.

Those companies that I thought would not recover quickly in the short-term: British Aerospace, Genus, and Safecharge; were sold off completely.  The funds that came available were invested into BP, GB Group, GVC, and Keywords Studios.

As per last months comment, I'm still fairly hopeful of the BP shareprice (SP) topping 600, but this may not happen until Jan/Feb.
GVC is investing heavily in the USA and when this starts to come together, I can see this company growing considerably - although I expect it to be taken over by a major US company before then.
GB Group is very profitable and it's business in internet security is growing very fast - I took the share weakness due to the market weakness as a buying opportunity.
The same goes for Keywords Studios, although this company may require a bit longer to get back on track.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

SIPP Portfolio as at 30 September 2018

Current holdings in the SIPP
British Aerospace (BA.) holding now = 731 (n/c); Value = £4,605 (UP £177)
Blackrock Smaller Co IT (BRSC) holding now = 1200 (n/c); Value = £17,184 (down £516)
BP (BP.) Bought 1565 shares; holding now = 3065; Value = £18,084 (cost £17,366)
FDM Group (FDM) holding now = 855 (n/c); Value = £8,294 (UP £257) 
GB Group (GBG) Dividend 3 shares; holding now = 2558; Value = £14,836 (down £1,082) 
Genus (GNS) holding now = 160 (n/c); Value = £3,824 (down £739)
GVC Holdings (GVC) holding now = 1390 (n/c); Value = £12,732 (down £2,572)
HG Capital Trust IT (HGT) holding now = 840 (n/c); Value = £16,716 (UP £504)
Homeserve (HSV) holding now = 1526 (n/c); Value = £15,641 (down £229)
Keywords Studios (KWS) holding now = 779 (n/c); Value = £15,120 (down £460)
Legal & General (LGEN) holding now = 6500 (n/c); Value = £17,030 (UP £520)
Safecharge Group (SCH) holding now = 2464 (n/c); Value = £8,008 (UP £247)
Sage (SGE) holding now = nil : SOLD
Segro PLC (SGRO) holding now = 2600 (n/c); Value = £16,536 (down £634)

Cash: holding now = £2,637
Portfolio Value = £171,247 was £173,433  DOWN £2,186 or 1.26%

The loss in the month was worse that as reported as the current SIPP value includes a monthly contribution of £750, so the loss in the period is actually £2,936.

Major transactions include a sale of the complete holding in SAGE, as I cannot see a recovery in the SP in the next 6 months.  The business is undergoing major restructuring, which is something that I did not take into account.

The proceeds of the sale have been pumped into oil share BP: there's a few factors behind this a) the company has finally completed the payment of damages for the Texas oil spill; b) the company is now leaner and more efficient and has new income streams coming into play; c) the USA is about to launch trade sanctions on major oil producer Iran, and that could well push up the price of oil to US$90.  Since I've been a shareholder of BP, the share-price has improved and we should see it top 600 (my initial purchase was at 550).

I'm concerned that the actions of US President Trump have affected the SP of Genus (GNS) which is a company with large markets in China, and it seems unlikely that there will be a recovery soon.

I am also concerned about the drop in value of GVC from summer highs of over 1100 to under 930 today (2nd Oct 18).  Personally, given the strength in the management of the company, I see this as a buying opportunity and will be looking to increase my holding.

The same can be said for GB Group (GBG), this company should have a significant future and may well be in the FTSE100 within 5 years.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

SIPP Portfolio as at 31st August 2018

During 2018, in managing the SIPP I have endeavoured to maintain a fair spread of holdings to alleviate risk and (hopefully) seek value, but sometimes this spread brings in holdings which although not losers, are not performing as well as expected. As such, they affect the overall performance of the portfolio and - if the portfolio is to hit the annual 15% growth target - then other holding have to do even better to compensate.
There are 2 holdings within the portfolio that I’ve held for some time that have underperformed in the past 12 months, and they are both Investment Trusts: 
JP Morgan Emerging Market IT (JMG) and 
Schroders Asia-Pacific IT (SDP).  
In the past year they have grown barely 5% and that has been a hindrance to the performance of the SIPP.  As such, I’ve decided to sell-off both of these holdings and have reinvested the proceeds in other companies held in the SIPP.  
As I wrote last month, I have also sold-off my entire holding Senior (SNR) as I thought this company had gone as far as it could in the short term.
Overall, the month of August has not been a great one for the SIPP, the value remains approximately unchanged at around £174,000 as while some holdings have done well – GBG has gone from 540 to 620+ and KWS has gone from 1818 to 2000 – some holdings have lost ground.
This month, I have increased holdings in 
GBG (bought an extra 1050 shares); 
HSV (bought an extra 476 shares); 
and KWS (bought an extra 324 shares). 
I also made an investment in oil company BP (bought 1500 shares).
I am conscious that I may have come in a little to late to the BP party as the SP in this company has improved considerably in the past 2 years. However, the rally looks like being sustained on the back of improved profits as oil prices continue to rise.  I am also hopeful that BP will make the move into more sustainable areas of energy generation.  
Sage (SGE) has been particularly disappointing as this time last month I thought we were on our way to 700+.  Little did I know that the CEO was about to be shown the door – apparently this was a friendly departure from the company, but he still leaves with immediate effect. If I had not already made my share purchases and emptied my “bank” in the process, then I would have topped-up my holding in SGE, but at this time I’m having to consider whether to sell other elements of the SIPP to provide funds or plough-in the balance of my small cash holding.
Current holdings in the SIPP
British Aerospace (BA.) holding now = 731 (n/c); Value = £4,428 (down £362)
Blackrock Smaller Co IT (BRSC) holding now = 1200 (n/c); Value = £17,700 (down £420)
BP (BP.) Bought 1500 shares; holding now = 1500; Value = £8,219
FDM Group (FDM) holding now = 855 (n/c); Value = £8,037 (down £85) 
GB Group (GBG)  Bought 1050 shares; holding now = 2555; Value = £15,918 
Genus (GNS) holding now = 160 (n/c); Value = £4,563
GVC Holdings (GVC) holding now = 1390 (n/c); Value = £15,304 (down £949)
HG Capital Trust IT (HGT) holding now = 840 (n/c); Value = £16,212 (UP £252)
Homeserve (HSV) Bought 476 shares; holding now = 1526; Value = £15,870
JPM Emerging Markets IT (JMG)  holding now = nil : SOLD
Keywords Studios (KWS) Bought 324 shares; holding now = 779; Value = £15,580
Legal & General (LGEN) holding now = 6500 (n/c); Value = £16,510 (down £578)
Safecharge Group (SCH) holding now = 2464 (n/c); Value = £7,761 (down £246)
Sage (SGE) holding now = 1532 (n/c); Value = £9,091 (down £419)
Schroders Asia/Pac (SDP)   holding now = nil : SOLD
Segro PLC (SGRO) holding now = 2600 (n/c); Value = £17,170 (down £114)
Senior PLC (SNR)   holding now = nil : SOLD

Cash: holding now = £1,069
Portfolio Value = £173,433 DOWN £770 or 0.44%

Monday, 6 August 2018

Some notes on my Brexit investment strategy

It always pays to have an in-depth look at individual holdings in your account to verify the reasons why you purchased in the first-placed, and whether there is still some purpose in maintaining the holding, or is it time to sell and move on - all the time trying to shape a "Brexit-Proof" portfolio.

As of this month, I've been holding Legal & General shares (LGEN) over 2 years with my initial stake being 1570 shares bought on 11th July 2016 at a price of 181.40p - with dealing costs the average cost per share was 183.07p per share. Back then, the SP was suffering from the post-Referendum reaction which saw some major movements in some share prices. I bought then as I thought the sell-off was overdone - and I was right. Since February 2017, the SP has been moving in a band between 250 - 270 and while I first thought it may strike-out and break the 300 level, it hasn't. Unfortunately, since February 2017, I've made a number of purchases in LGEN thinking I was doing the right thing but really I was just parking the money in the equivalent of a "high interest" account. The company goes "ex-div" on 17th August and that will probably lead to the SP dropping about 4p to under 260p.  As such, I'm looking to trim my holding in the company from 6500 shares to 3300 shares; which will be about 5% of the SIPP value.  The post-Referendum loss has been recovered and what I have to decide now is what action do I take regarding Brexit.  The reason for that drop was most commentators considered the future of LGEN outside the EU was not good. Personally I think the company has a very strong future on the domestic market and, while European growth may be a struggle, that domestic market should hold-up and maintain company profits. However, LGEN has only rarely seen it's SP top 275 and so I will be looking to sell should the SP top 270, which I am hoping will happen in the next 3 months.  

Monies released will be invested (in part) in increasing the holding in Homeserve (HSV). The company currently has a market value of £3.32bn and value needs to exceed £4.50bn to enter the FTSE100, but I can see that happening before the end of 2019, and it may well happen in the next 12 months. The stimulus for the SP increase will surely come from its US subsidiary's and this is a company that could well repeat the feat's of Ashtead Group in the USA and see a significant increase in turnover, profits and the SP.  Having a large foothold in the US, this company will be outside any Brexit influence. 

My current holding of 1532 shares in Sage was purchased at a cost of £10,625.36; an average of 693.56p per share. Unfortunately, since those purchases were made in Feb/March of this year. the SP has been trading at mainly under 640p.  What has been pushing the SP down are the domestic markets: sales in overseas markets has been growing significantly, and it is in this area that future growth will come.  If, post-Brexit, the £ drops in value to under US$1.20 per £1 those overseas markets will become even more important for the UK balance sheet and this could lead to a major re-value of the company and see it return to levels over 700p for the Share Price.  Even so, I shall be looking to reduce my holding by 25% when the SP climbs above 690p.

Currently, my largest invividual holding is in Blackrock Smaller Companies Trust (BRSC), and this investment trust has shown remarkable performance over the past couple of years.  My first purchase of BRSC was in October 2012 (nearly 6 years ago) and the SP then was 529p; but I sold off that initial investment the following June at 636p.  In March 2015 I returned to BRSC and started building-up my holding, acquiring  1391 shares at an average of £12,514.49 or 899.70p per share.  Rebalancing my SIPP in January 2017, I sold off 221 shared at an SP of 1000.80p and in hindsight that was a mistake - the SP is at 1555 and is over 10% of the value of my SIPP.   What to do with holdings like this before Brexit is a worry.

I've been a long-term holder of GVC buying 500 shares in January 2015 at an average of 446p. Today I hold 1390 shares purchased at an average of 577p and even with the SP at 1140p the growth does not seem to have ended yet.  The joint-venture with MGM International opens-up the US Sports Betting market to GVC and we could see the company enjoy a significant increase in revenue as a result, along with substantial profits.  Another company that should be able to ride the storm of Brexit.

I've been looking at the oil companies Shell and BP and they are looking healthier again, and there is a prospect of significant earnings growth.  Of the pair, I prefer BP mainly as I reckon the more time goes on from the Deepwater Horizon oil-spill in 2010, the more the memory fades and the prospect of earnings growing faster than Shell.  I'm looking for a buying opportunity, although possibly the best time to buy was in May/June 2016 with the SP around 360p. Today the SP is at 575-580 and I want to buy in as soon as I have funds available, as I can see the SP growing 15% in the next 12 months.

To finance the purchase of BP, I'm looking to sell off my entire holding in Senior (SNR).  I bought 1560 shares in SNR in March/april 2017 at an average SP of 207p and in the intervening period the company has managed to transform its share price hitting over 320 last month. that was a bit of a spike from the 295-305 range that the SP has been in recently, and I can't see that there is much juice left in this market.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

31st July SIPP Review

Another interesting month for the SIPP.
Performance continues to be solid and the value is now over £174,000.  With just 4 more contributions (on 7th of August, September, October and November) before the annual performance “cut-off” on my birthday on 8thNovember, the SIPP only has to find another 3% of growth to beat the annual target of 15% and hit £186,000.
The big gainers in the month were GVC - who secured a major deal with America-based MGM Resorts, and which may (at some time in the near future) be taken over by that company. Also, Homeserve (HSV) which continues to secure a strong hold on domestic repair markets in the USA. Both companies increased their Share Price (SP) by over 11% in the month.

There have been several changes to the constituents of the SIPP with sales of Croda (CRDA), SSP Group (SSP) and XL Media (XLM). 
I felt both Croda and SSP Group didn’t fit the profile of my SIPP as they are both “slow & steady” growers.  I run an ISA alongside the SIPP (to provide the funds to repay the mortgage) and I fill that with companies holding that "strong & steady" profile and I retain Croda in my ISA.  
XL Media is a different kettle of fish: I think this company is inherently a good one although the recent scrutiny of internet manipulation of markets and “fake-news” may put some of its business strategy under the microscope. That could mean a change in future strategy is required which I think has lead to the recent significant downturn in the SP, and it’s not helped by the company being based in Israel. The location doesn’t bother me, if it did I would not have bought shares in it in the first place, but on reflection I don’t think it is helping the SP recover lost ground.

Unfortunately, the gains on Croda and SSP Group were obliterated (and more) by the loss sustained on XL Media; but the sales released £16,000 for reinvestment elsewhere.      
That when into Genus (GNS), FDM Group (FDM); Legal & General (LGEN) and Segro (SGRO).
Genus is an animal genetics company specialising in pigs and cattle, and my shareholding is already up 5% in a month.
I’ve increased my holding in FDM Group as I think the company SP is due a significant re-rating as after a period of sustained growth the SP has remained at about the 1000 level for about 10 months. With revenue growing, profits growing, and a healthy dividend yield of 2.70% for an IT company, there is plenty of scope there – I will just have to wait for the market to come to the same conclusion.

Brexit is now starting to be more a reality and so I’m strengthening my defensive aspects of the SIPP.  The probability of a "hard" Brexit is - in my opinion - about 70%, and so we have to start making provision.  Regards defensive shares, I think Legal & General fits that bill as well as Segro. Both have strong dividend yields, both have strong profit growth, and both should be able to continue to proper – in the short term at least – once the UK leaves the EU next March.   

Current holdings in the SIPP
British Aerospace (BA.) holding now = 731 (n/c); Value = £4,790
Blackrock Smaller Co IT (BRSC) div-reinvest of 12; holding now = 1200; Value = £18,120
Croda (CRDA) holding now = nil : SOLD
FDM Group (FDM) Bought 355 shares; holding now = 855; Value = £8,122 
GB Group (GBG) holding now = 1505 (n/c); Value = £8,127 
Genus (GNS) Bought 160 shares; holding now = 160; Value = £4,592
GVC Holdings (GVC) holding now = 1390 (n/c); Value = £16,253 - up 11% in month
HG Capital Trust IT (HGT) holding now = 840 (n/c); Value = £15,960
Homeserve (HSV) holding now = 1040 (n/n); Value = £10,524 - up 12% in month
JPM Emerging Markets IT (JMG) holding now = 918 (n/c); Value = £8,078
Keywords Studios (KWS) holding now = 455 (n/c); Value = £8,272
Legal & General (LGEN) Bought 2920 shares, holding now = 6500; Value = £17,088
Safecharge Group (SCH) holding now = 2464; Value = £8,623
Sage (SGE) div-reinvest of 12; holding now = 1532; Value = £9,510
Schroders Asia/Pac (SDP) holding now = 1817 (n/c); Value = £8,158
Segro PLC (SGRO) Bought 452 shares; holding now = 2600; Value = £17,284
Senior PLC (SNR) holding now = 2625 (n/c); Value = £8,363
SSP Group (SSPG) holding now = nil : SOLD
XL Media (XLM) holding now = nil : SOLD
Cash: holding now = £2,939
Portfolio Value = £174,203 up £2,109 or 1.22%

Monday, 2 July 2018

30th June 2018 SIPP update

Current holdings in the SIPP
British Aerospace (BA.) sold 673 shares, holding now = 731 ; Value = £4,727
Blackrock Smaller Co IT (BRSC) holding now = 1188 (n/c); Value = £18,134
Croda (CRDA) holding now = 100 (n/c); Value = £4,803
FDM Group (FDM) holding now = 500 (n/c); Value = £4,880 
GB Group (GBG) holding now = 1505 (n/c); Value = £8,954 - up 12%
GVC Holdings (GVC) holding now = 1390 (n/c); Value = £14,595
HG Capital Trust IT (HGT) holding now = 840 (n/c); Value = £16,254
Homeserve (HSV) holding now = 1040 (N/C); Value = £9,350
JPM Emerging Markets IT (JMG) holding now = 918 (N/C); Value = £7,729
Keywords Studios (KWS) holding now = 455 (n/c); Value = £8,099
Legal & General (LGEN) div-reinvestment of 136, holding now = 3580; Value = £9,519
Safecharge Group (SCH) div-reinvestment of 34, holding now = 2464; Value = £8,623
Sage (SGE) holding now = 1520 (n/c); Value = £9,627
Schroders Asia/Pac (SDP) holding now = 1817 (n/c); Value = £8,212
Segro PLC (SGRO) holding now = 2148; Value = £14,378
Senior PLC (SNR) div-reinvestment of 39, holding now = 2625; Value = £7,970
SSP Group (SSPG) holding now = 1224; Value = £7,760
XL Media (XLM) Bought 1000 shares, holding now = 3019; Value = £3,094
Cash: holding now = £5,335
Portfolio Value = £172,094

Despite the dividend reinvestment, and the significant SP gains GBG, the SIPP is effectively treading water this month. We could be entering a period of consolidation over the summer months, during which I will be seeking to accumulate some cash (from sales of companies that may have hit a plateau) and from SIPP contributions.
Sage (SGE) has been disappointing this year, and I'm not sure that there is possibility for the SP to recover this year, so I am considering reducing my position.
The holding in BAE Systems (BA.) is looking out of step with my portfolio.  Although a strong company, and with a good order-book and valuable dividend, the potential for an uplift of the SP isn't obvious as the glut of defence orders from the Trump administration in the USA hasn't happened.
Recent purchase XL Media (XLM) suffered a SP setback with the issue of a profit warning, but I think the correction was significantly overdone.  As such, I have increased my holding and await the recovery, but recent downward moves in the SP suggest that this company is in trouble.
If I follow my own rule to sell-off significant losers, then I should bin XLM, but my exposure is only £3000 so - for now - I am putting a sale on-hold. 

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

30th May 2018 update

Current holdings in the SIPP
British Aerospace (BA.)  holding now = 1404 (n/c no change); Value = £8,991
Bango (BGO) holding NIL (sold)
Blackrock Smaller Co IT (BRSC) holding now = 1181 (n/c); Value = 17,701
Croda (CRDA) holding now = 100 (n/c); Value = £4,704
FDM Group (FDM) holding now = 500 (n/c); Value = £5,060 
GB Group (GBG) Bought 345; holding now = 1505; Value = £7,901
GVC Holdings (GVC) dividend reinvestment of 23, holding now = 1390; Value = £13,900
HG Capital Trust IT (HGT) dividend reinvestment of 12, Holding now = 840; Value = £15,793
Homeserve (HSV) holding now = 1040 (N/C); Value = £9,157
JPM Emerging Markets IT (JMG) holding now = 918 (N/C); Value = £7,931
Keywords Studios (KWS) Bought 164, holding now = 455; Value = £7,798
Legal & General (LGEN) holding now = 3444 (n/c); Value = £9,374
Safecharge Group (SCH) Bought 430, holding now = 2430; Value = £7,970
Sage (SGE) holding now = 1520 (n/c); Value = £10,104
Schroders Asia/Pac (SDP) holding now = 1817 (n/c); Value = £8,425
Segro PLC (SGRO) dividend reinvestment of 36, holding now = 2148; Value = £13,966
Senior PLC (SNR) holding now = 2586 (n/c); Value = £8,099
Sirius Real Estate (SRE) holding NIL (sold)
SSP Group (SSPG) dividend reinvestment of 38, holding now = 1224; Value = £7,980
XL Media (XLM) dividend reinvestment of 19, holding now = 2019; Value = £3,311
Cash: holding now = £1,150
Portfolio Value = £169,321

Couple of major changes, with the remaining holding in Bango (BGO) sold and the entire holding in Sirius Real Estate (SRE) sold.
Bango has been a real disappointment, and although it may be early days to cut & run, I was unhappy with the comments from founder Ray Anderson at the recent AGM that he did not understand the reason for the recent reduction in the SP - when in January Bango raised cash by placing a large volume of shares at 180 which was about 20% below the then market value.  If someone this involved with the company does not understand what the response will be to various actions taken, then it sounds like the company needs to bring in some new - and more experienced - personnel.
Sirius Real Estate remains a company that should do well in the long run, but after looking at my aspirations for the SIPP for the next 12-36 months, SRE did not really fit the bill. I already have a substantial shareholding in a real estate company in Segro (SGRO) and in the next 36 months I see Segro making substantial gains.

The proceeds of these sales has been moved into the GB Group (GBG), Safecharge Group (SCH) and Keywords Studios (KWS).

With the value of the SIPP now over £169,000; I'm happy to report growth in value of nearly £6,000 in the month of May which is about 3.30%.  The month of May has been a good one, and these months don't come around too often. So while it is great to see, I'm not going to get complacent.