Current Value (As at 31st July 2018) = £174,203 including cash
Target for 8th November 2018 = £183,474 (see Projected Growht page)
Value of SIPP at commencement of this blog on 1st August 2012 = £51,684.02.
Monthly contributions since commencement of blog = 36mths @ £300 plus 34 months @ £750 = £36,300
Capital Growth is £174,203 less (£51,684+£36,300) = £86,219

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Sell in May and go away? No Way!!!

British Aerospace (BA.)  holding on 21-March = 1404, holding now = 1404; Value = £8,581
Bango (BGO) holding on 21-March = 600, holding now = 600; Value = £948
Blackrock Smaller Co IT (BRSC) holding on 21/3/18 = 1181, holding now = 1181; Value = 16,870
Croda (CRDA) holding on 21/3/18 = 100, holding now = 100; Value = £4,488
FDM Group (FDM) holding on 21/3/18 = 395, holding now = 500; Value = £5,100 
GB Group (GBG) holding on 21-March = 950, holding now = 1160; Value = £5,632
GVC Holdings (GVC) holding on 21/3/18 = 1367, holding now = 1367; Value = £12,330
HG Capital Trust IT (HGT) holding on 21/3/18 = 828, nolding now = 828; Value = £15,815
Homeserve (HSV) holding on 21/3/18 = 1040, holding now = 1040; Value = £7,613
JPM Emerging Markets IT (JMG) holding on 21/3/18 = 918, holding now = 918; Value = £7,922
Keywords Studios (KWS) holding on 21/3/18 = 235, holding now = 291; Value = £5,448
Legal & General (LGEN) holding on 21/3/18 = 3444, holding now = 3444; Value = £9,344
Safecharge Group (SCH) holding on 21/3/18 = 2000, holding now = 2000; Value = £6,560
Sage (SGE) holding on 21/3/18 = 1520, holding now = 1520; Value = £9,655
Schroders Asia/Pac (SDP) holding on 21/3/18 = 1817, holding now = 1817; Value = £8,231
Segro PLC (SGRO) holding on 21/3/18 = 2112, holding now = 2112; Value = £13,652
Senior PLC (SNR) holding on 21/3/18 = 2586, holding now = 2586; Value = £7,867
Sirius Real Estate (SRE) holding on 21/3/18 = 7700, holding now = 7700; Value = £4,882
SSP Group (SSPG) holding on 21/3/18 = 1220, holding now = 1186; Value = £7,906
XL Media (XLM) holding on 21/3/18 = 2000, holding now = 2000; Value = £3,589
Cash: holding on 21/3/18 = £1,747, holding now = £832
Portfolio Value = 163,175

Overall, the portfolio is starting to get some momentum again as the value had slipped to £155,800 on 21st March and so has picked up about £6,600 (not including the £750 contribution for April) in the last 6 weeks. That's a gain of over 4% and when I include anticipated dividends and further contributions (6 @ £750 = £4,500) my target SIPP value of £186,000 on 8th November is within reason. 

As I wrote on 21st March, I'm looking for a new set of companies to take the SIPP forward in value over the next few years and (hopefully) find a potential "10-bagger" that will surge into the FTSE100. 

There are 5 new holdings in the portfolio and they are:-
FDM Group (FDM) holding now = 500; Value = £5,100 
GB Group (GBG) holding now = 1160; Value = £5,632
Keywords Studios (KWS) holding now = 291; Value = £5,448
Safecharge Group (SCH) holding now = 2000; Value = £6,560
XL Media (XLM) holding now = 2000; Value = £3,589

FDM Group (FDM)
Current Market value £1.080bn
A professional services information technology company, which specialises in placing consultants into companies who are then able to sell-on the software products and maintain a foothold. As IT becomes ever-more dominant in business, keeping up-to-date trained-software staff is a problem for major corporations, and maintaining state-of-the-art software is a huge drain on capital. As such, companies are looking to bring in these services rather than invest "in-house". This is a long-term hold and a company that could become huge - if not the subject of a bid before then.

GB Group (GBG)
Current Market value £0.750bn
A specialist in the growing market of identity data intelligence, the shares recently jumped 15% on news of the full year figures to 31st March showing a 37% sales growth. Verification of identity is becoming increasingly important in today's world, and securing identity from fraud is likely to be a major market in the future.  I can see this company doubling in size from current market value of £750m as the World becomes more aware of the need for data security.

Keywords Studios (KWS)
Current Market value £1.200bn
A specialist in the growing market of testing the linguistic correctness and cultural acceptability of computer games; Audio/Voiceover Services, and in this respect the company appears to have "cornered the market".  Whether you play computer games or not, as an investor you have to be open to investment opportunities and not ignore those that you do not understand. I am 58yo, I do not play computer games but, via my 15yo son, I am aware of just how much the generation younger than me (and specifically those aged under 25yo) enjoys gaming as a recreation. KWS has been on an upward trend since January 2016 and since then the SP has grown from 210 to 1900. Now, I really wish I had become involved before November 2016 when the SP was still under 500 - but I really think that this company has a long way to go yet. 

Safecharge International Group (SCH)
Current Market value £0.490bn
This company is involved in online payment technologies and services. Since losing PAYS (Paysafe) from my SIPP portfolio I've been looking for a replacement that operates in a similar sphere, and SCH fits the bill. Online Payments and banking is here to stay, and whereas GBG operates in preventing online identity fraud, SCH is operating in preventing online financial fraud. It is a niche operation, but it is growing and is highly profitable which means the company has significant cash reserves (£100 million in the bank - and the market value is just under £500 million). The company also pays a generous 3.75% dividend.

XL Media (XLM)
Current Market value £0.390bn
This company is interesting in that it locates customers who already pay for an online service and introduces them to another online service which will (hopefully) convert the introduction into a sale.  Revenue income is about £140m with profit at about 40%.  Cash reserves are fair at £40m as the company has been investing in acquisitions into new revenue areas.  The future looks bright and when profits start to flow we should see a significant re-rating of the SP.

All these 5 companies have seen significant SP growth in the past 12 months and, with the upward momentum on our side, we have hopefully found the value which will attract the positive sentiments of the market and push the SP onto new highs.        

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