Current Value (As at 8th November 2021) = £307,654including cash

Value at 8th November 2021 = £307,654
Target for 8th November 2022 = £359,355
Target for 31st December 2021 = £300,000
Value of SIPP at commencement of this blog on 1st August 2012 = £51,684.02.

Capital Growth is equivalent to 12.905%pa since Aug 2012 (not including monthly contributions and occasional deposits).

Saturday 30 July 2022

Saturday 30th July 2022

 It has been a very difficult 6 months for the world: war, famine, climate catastrophe, inflation - and it's not over yet.

The SIPP Portfolio is down: no surprise there! 

Value of Equities = £266,877.60
Value of Cash = £4,186.22
TOTAL = £271,068.82

On the 1st January, the total value was at £309,757 and in the previous 4 months (1st Sept - 31st Dec) UK equities had been looking flat: no impetus, and nothing on the horizon to produce a better return.  In hindsight, I should have trimmed back at least my UK equity exposure.

Selling Diploma (DPLM) for an average of 2900 in January was a good move, as the SP dropped below 2250 and now looks to be on a recovery mode. And selling GB Group (GBG) for an average of 695 was another good move, as the SP dropped to just under 400 in early July. This is another company that "could" be on a recovery mode, but looks very cheap now and ripe for a takeover bid.  It's highly likely that I will take-up shares in both of these companies in August. 

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